Day 7: Are you?

Yesterday I remembered a lesson I listened to when I was in YWAM.

It was about praying for change.

We all have desires to see change. Nations on their faces worshiping God. Feed the hungry. Clothe the poor. Succeed at world peace.

We see these things as goals. A list of opportunities we want to see happen in our lifetime.

We pray.

We study.

We do… nothing.

When we pray, we secretly hope that others get to go and do these things. We are scared of failure. Scared of taking the step. Scared of change. We are comfortable with our surroundings.

What about changing our fears?

How about this, praying with the willingness of being the answer?

Hear me out, why don’t we pray as if the answer we receive will be for us to be the change.

What if all it took was a desire to BE the change. A desire to make these changes happen. A want to be a part of it. A fear of sitting in the crowd and watching it all pass us by.

Are you with me? Are you willing to pray for something to happen, and for you to be the answer?


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