Day 5: Shew lawdy.

This weekend was AMAZING!

Working at YEC was incredible, and let me tell you, my body is already beginning to hurt from the work. Can’t wait for the morning…

So, I had a lot of thoughts this weekend that I’d like to share:

1. Work will not stop no matter how tired you get.

Lets just say, being sleep deprived didn’t make things slow down. Working at a conference doesn’t mean things will revolve around how you feel or what you want to do. You do it then, and relax later.

2. The weirdest kids show up at conferences.

I saw kids with glow sticks hanging out their ears. Kids asking others for numbers without asking for their names. Beach balls must have been on the ‘must have’ list for packing. Break dancing isn’t one of the gifts many of them have. No one cares about personal space, and no one showers during these weekends. No one.

3. Pranking others for a laugh will backfire and give you an emotional roller coaster that you never expected.

My group decided to pick on a girl in our group for a laugh. Lets just say, after angry rants, phone calls, storming out of the car at a red light and a cop harassing half our group, the girl should have gotten a grammy. And I should have been handed a Valium.

4. People will exit your life.

This is a more serious note, but people you expect to be trustworthy will show their butts and give you the exact reason that you needed to show that your relationship will never be what you wanted. It’s tough, but it’s life. You can’t please everyone.

5. You miss your home more than ever.

I love love love going on trips. I love meeting new people, making friends and goofing off. By the end, I miss my bed and the comfort of my own home more than ever. Being home is just… amazing.

By the way, Facebook fast is going great!


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One response to “Day 5: Shew lawdy.

  • Anonymous

    #4…We all perceive our relationships differently. Some choose to abandon those who love us…some choose to be open about our faults..some do not learn empathy or wearing the others’ shoes…Judas would only kiss Jesus on his cheek and smile, then give him to the hands of hell he knew he was leading him towards…but God loves us all in all ways…And the ocean tides roar high and roar low..but only LOVE is a choice we always have to share, no questions to ask, just embracement.

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