Let the confessing begin!

Ok, so I thought I might take a turn away from the serious and meaningful side of my writings.

Time for me to confess.

  • I have recently started drinking milk straight from the jug. When I moved, it was like a mark of freedom. So, if you come by, plan on bringing your own milk.


  • When I shop at a grocery store, I never put things back on their original shelf when I decide not to buy them. I just figure that I’m helping someone keep their job by giving them something to do.


  • I can’t read more than one book at a time. If I try it, in my mind all of the characters switch plots and it all gets screwed up.


  • My most spiritual moments happen when I’m in my car alone. A ‘car fit’ is a common thing for me. If you pass my car on the side of the road and I’m singing and crying all at the same time, keep driving.


  • I love love love being around people, but after a little bit, I love even more staying home by myself with my phone off and watching TV while making necklaces.


  • There are two ‘P’s in my life. Pizza and popcorn. I eat enough of both in a weeks time to feed a small village for a month. Ok, I exaggerate a lot, but it’s closer to being true than Milli Vanilli ever making a come back with their real voices.


  • I have a t-shirt problem. If I had enough money, I would buy a t-shirt for every day of each year. I love looking up t-shirt designs like old men like watching the weather channel.


  • It doesn’t matter where I am, I use the 4th bathroom stall in any public restroom I use. This started when I started college, but it seemed like every time I went, the 4th stall was always just cleaned by the janitor. No joke.


  • I don’t like big chunks of ice in my drink. I love crushed ice, Sonic ice, shaved ice… the easier to chew, the happier I will be with the drink.


  • I get a Pal’s sweet tea at least three times a day.


  • Brand new socks are way better than socks freshly washed.

So, how about you? What are some fun confessions that you have and others don’t know about?


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One response to “Let the confessing begin!

  • a responder

    That I haven’t answered letters I still get in the mail

    That I cancel lunch dates I really shudnt have

    That I still have pictures I should have downloaded months ago!

    That I don’t cry over sad movies anymore

    That my socks rarely match

    That my confessions go to God

    That I hate to shop

    That I never use umbrellas

    That I have blonde hair

    That I stay up too long!

    I never had a teddy bear!

    I rarely get manicures!

    I walk more than I drive!

    I’m not afraid of spiders, snakes or bugs

    That i hate txting

    That I wish people want things i do!

    That i hate t.v.

    Ummm…I like pretzels more than candy

    I don’t buy more shoes..I use the old ones way too long

    That I really didn’t like school

    That i hate perfume but like scented soap

    That i live in the moment in kindness and not regret

    that i never told my best friend her boyfriend asked me out

    that i use lipstick way too much

    that i hate when people act like they like you when they really dont

    that i know too many secrets people tell me and i tell my dog

    that i dont use spellcheck

    ummm… that i talk to God more than I do my dog!

    that i havent seen you in almost 2 years

    that i stare at people just to see if they notice me

    that i have no idea why i wrote anything about this topic

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