New skin

Yeah, new year, new start, yadda yadda.

For me, I’m starting this new year with such a big jump.

I officially have my own home now!

Ok, so I’m renting it, but for me and my family this is a big deal. I’m officially out of being under the same roof as family. I’m on my own, a whole new world and pile of responsibility with that. Oh boy, this is going to be exciting!

Anyways, I haven’t written in awhile, kind of been in a funk lately, but it’s shaking off and ideas are flowing through my brain on what to write on in the next days, week, months. Through this month I’ve seen a lot of hurt and have dealt with my own struggles. But now, I’m shedding that skin. I’m stretching, walking on new ground, and looking ahead, not behind me.

I hope to do a lot this new year, I hope to get things out there for others to see and enjoy. I hope my necklaces get more notice and I finally get to set up a website for them. I hope to get refocused for school in the fall. I also hope I’m able to touch the hearts of so many, through this blog, through friendships, through the lines at the grocery store. I hope.

What are your hopes this year? Dreams? Wants?


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