Relationship status

With a sheet of ice to keep me warm, of course I would think about a relationship. Not just any, but I mean the most perfect one I’ve ever been in.

He’s amazing, truly. The most beautiful (yes, he’s beautiful), caring, loving, protective, honest man I’ve ever loved. He loves me too. Oh you better believe he does. He reminds me every day, and loves me enough to nudge me when I’ve hurt others He loves. He picks me up when I fall, and holds my hand when I get lost. Oh and when I’m angry, He reminds me of how I should love others and not spread hate.

Who is this man? I’m sure you know, but if not I’ll tell you…


He truly is spectacular. Honestly. He provides. He teaches. He corrects. He loves. He cares. He listens. He helps. He leads. He watches. He heals. He creates. He surrounds.

He’s everything.

I’ve been thinking though, of Facebook. Relationship statuses seem to be one of the #1 things that pop up in the ‘News Feed’. Why is that? Well, as me and my friends (and some of yours) say, “It’s not official until it’s on Facebook.”

I think we all are pretty pathetic though. Official, only through Facebook? Why?

Well, we like to show off. It’s a sign saying “LOOK! I’m in a relationship! Be proud! Be amazed! Be jealous! Be nosy!”

I’m not trying to put YOU down by saying that, because I’m the same way. But think about it, we are pathetic. We are pathetic because we HAVE to have others approve of the relationship, boost our egos, make us know we made a good choice.

To bad God doesn’t have us change our relationship status on Facebook to be with Jesus. Ticket to heaven right there. Everyone would do it. How easy would that be? Could you see it now?

“Hey, it’s God. New way to get to me? Just change your status on Facebook to ‘In a relationship with Jesus’ and I’ll see you at the pearly gates.”

Yeah, it’s funny. I thank God though that we have to do more.

We have to believe.

There are a few steps to ‘being in a relationship with Jesus’ in my eyes. Here are a few:

1. Meet and Greet

We all have had our ‘meet and greet’ by now. I’m sure of it. It’s usually in passing. Hearing people say “Oh my G**!” leaves us wondering “Man, people like to yell this guy’s name a lot… I wonder what he did wrong?”

2. Friendship

We’re pals. We’re buds. We’re like this (vision of crossed fingers here….). The friendship begins. Kinda poking around with each other. He pops up in odd places, like the conversation with a friend from school or work, and we put on our “We’re just friends” cap on. How close of friends are you? The “I occasionally go to church and visit with him and see him in passing” type of friends. Petty much only acquaintances.

3. Courtship

Man, that Jesus likes to ‘woo’ us. (reminds me of the Adam and Eve skit from Skit Guys, check it out!) We’re finally coaxed enough to visit Him more often, so much that we even capitalize ‘Him’ when we type things! Dude!

4. Dating

You like Him. Palms get sweaty and your heart races when you sing a song for Him, or when you know that the thing that JUST HAPPENED was Him winking at you. He takes you out to see His creation, you blush. He blooms flowers at your door, you giggle in glee. He says your eyes were created just like the stars in the sky… you melt. Man, He’s one smooth talker!

5. It’s official

You are head over heals in LOVE. You adore how He knows you and loves you. What about how He didn’t give up? He was trying to attract you since day one. I mean, really. White on rice type of affection right here.

Great stuff, huh? Everything seems great. But, getting into relationships are big stuff. There are other things that are involved in relationships. Selflessness, care, love, honesty… and all of those things should happen even when you are upset or down. Jesus does those things for us no matter how screwed up we make our lives, shouldn’t we return those same things to Him?

We have rough spots, we have sad spots, we even have icy spots. But, no matter what, He loves us. Sure, we let go of His hand every now and then (more times than not) thinking we can do things on our own. He stays with us though, knowing we’ll come to our senses sooner or later.

Thank God there is more to a relationship with Christ than just Facebook.


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One response to “Relationship status

  • Anonymous

    Reading about “My FaceBook Relationship Status”… Is it necessary? Is it who we are defined as? I’ve found FaceBook to be a place where we can be separate from our relationships…not in any harmful way by any means…but to find yourself again…to “friend” again. Not to announce anything where you live, what career you have, if you are married or not…but to be free and share videos, post ditties, comments that DON’T reflect personal stats about yourself…

    Relationships…They are always complicated…since they were even considered. But what I’ve found, is that they don’t need acknowledgment to the world in order to exist. That only leaves just THE TITLE…The beginning of them is always surreal. New responses to shared moments, new places gone to together, appreciation of eachother…how awesome hugs are with new people…how their caring about you astounds you…how you actually care about who hurts them…how you know laughter together is like silent kissing!! How blessed and treasured you feel by them being in your life.
    Freshness. Always freshness. I’ve read your links about this topic. Deleting personal status, pics..My interpretation? Divorce? Separation? Silence I find that stifles any positive growth…Silence that only reminds one of the bad times because the other doesn’t let go of them. Oh it’s not in ones words…it’s in their actions. Their choice of…silence. Their choice of no new times to link the flower with fresh petals. One flutters about confused, wanting so badly for their partner to “water” them…not just on occasional times…that only causes the roots to tangle, causing the roots to wither…. They feel THE TITLE of their relationship is silly sounding…to post it on FaceBook…does it matter? I think not personally…sometimes deletion occurs only when one feels their posting status of married, complicated, single,announces nothing really. It’s the actions that do. Forget all the words they’ve written, old cards lumped in boxes,,, words written just to release confusion…never meaning to have been read by others, or found by others…I’ve known many people who nurture. That’s what keeps it ALIVE. Keeps it growing, flourishing. Keeps it TREASURED.

    Silence. It can be good when it’s shared in contentment. It can be terrifying when it’s as loud as the cruelest slap. It only then leaves one feeling the bad times. That the other friend, or boyfriend ( girlfriend ) wants them to quietly as well slip away. Cut the roots they’ve not nurtured. Grasp it fiercely through their SILENCE, through their NEGLECT.

    “Sunshine On My Shoulders” my mother always sang to me. She said sunshine made me bloom, warmed me, comforted me, made me blossom and glow. It was her wish to remind me.

    “Fire and Rain.” Research the song. You will understand the lyrics. The pain endured that made those words surface. The experience of loss from not only the person, but the silence left behind. The absence of their sight, the void left that was terrifying…

    “Imagine” A song written as a plea. A call out to God. A request to understand. A need of salve to soothe what one wanted.

    Facebook…Where we go to feel connected. Count the followers. read the comments. Talk to people you see, or haven’t seen or hope to meet.
    The people in our lives daily should already know if they left no face, deleted pics, profile or albums…confused eachother. Created no freshness. No reassurance that they even were a TITLE to the other. Profile tracking…Why? Assumed names to be read in order to share with others what couldn’t be communicated directly? What farce is that?

    Recently I’ve seen friends I should have long ago. Hugs I forgot that healed. Words said in order to let the other know they aren’t hollow inside. New times shared, no bad ones to announce themselves. Laughing again. Nurturing. Growing.

    Hold your loved ones faces. Don’t feel alone, ever. Don’t let SILENCE become stagnation. Don’t let status and ghosted faces define relationships. Don’t let words remain hidden. Don’t leave signs to be words that confuse.

    Look in mirrors. Don’t judge. Don’t let treasured relationships become neglected. Don’t water the flower occasionally. The garden needs the gardener as much as the gardener needs the garden…

    Sunshine on my shoulders…Why “Fire and Rain” was written…Imagine…

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