Power you say?

There’s a movie I watched recently called ‘Penelope’.

It’s about a girl who was born with a pig nose. Her family was cursed generations before her time, but because she was the first girl born since it was placed, she was the one to bear it. It’s a cute movie, I must say, and it’s all about accepting yourself when others don’t.

One of the last lines of the movie struck a cord in me:

“It’s not the power of the curse – It’s the power you give the curse.”

Precious, coming from the mouth of a little boy. That statement rings so true in so many parts of our lives.

In middle school being picked on because you didn’t have much. Other kids telling you ‘You’ll never have anything’ but then years later, you’re the ‘Bill Gates’ of your generation. Or you end up in your local homeless shelter, with nothing but two pennies and socks.

In high school, you’re called the town slut (yeah, I said it) and are predicted to have seven babies all from different men by the time you attend the ten year reunion. So, instead you remain true to yourself and wait until you find your husband. Or you show up and have eight children, all with different fathers…

After college, you start working at the company you’ve always dreamed of, yet a co-worker says you’ll never move away from the cubical. So, you work your hardest and finally become CEO of the company. Or you stay in the same cubical, with the same salary, with the same hours, until the day you retire.

In all of life’s journeys, we have decisions to make. Whether someone’s ‘curse’ will be given power or not.

You can blame things on how horrible your life seems to be, but that’s just adding onto the original pile. The pile made from your decision.

You can chose whether to add gas to the fire, mouse traps to the room you’re cornered in, or… well, you get it.

We have the power to give power to our curses.

Our curses could become the size of a crumb in our mind, or the bolder that stopped us from ever moving on in life.

Words hurt. I know. I know on both sides as well. I’ve cause hurt and I’ve received hurt. Either way, I chose. I chose to let it hurt me, and I chose to hurt others.

Now, its your turn. You have the power.

The power to heal.

The power to hurt.

The power…. to create crumbs or boulders.


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