The white stuff.

I bet you think this is going to be about snow don’t you? The white fluffy cold stuff. Yeah – you’re wrong. I’m going to be talking about a white, beautiful, powdery substance. Something that pleases my senses. Something that I savor at any chance I get to enjoy it. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Powdered doughnuts.

More specifically, mini powdered doughnuts. Man, (or woman if you want to get technical) those things are amazing. Like, tickle your toes in excitement, heart racing joy. It’s indescribable really. I can down some serious amounts of powdered doughnuts. I mean, I’m the female version of the Homer Simpson doughnut disposal.

As I’m writing this, I’m eating some, if you couldn’t guess.

As I’m eating them though, I can’t help but think of all of those little things that we have that are ‘treats’ to us during this time of year, that give us indescribable joy.

Some people love the real white stuff, snow. Waking up to a white covered world gives them happiness they hold onto tightly, not wanting to let go. Making snowmen and angels is instantly added to their plans for the day.

Others enjoy an old movie. I know a few people who turn on movies like ‘White Christmas‘, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life‘ or ‘The Sound of Music‘ and all their worries disappear as the songs comfort them like a warm blanket and cup of hot cocoa.

Christmas lights are a perfect addition to this list as well. Ever see a kid’s face when looking at thousands of Christmas lights? Point made.

What else makes people happy during the holidays? Eggnog? Count me in. Fruit cake? Not my kind of fun. Presents? Who doesn’t like to open presents?! Families? Now that’s a toss…

Families always come together during the holidays. Awesome food, great stories, and side splitting laughs. At least for some. For others, family fun is non-existent during this time, a faint shadow in the closet of memories they have locked up.

My family, well, lets say we’ve had our ups and downs.

The ups, I consider my powdery sugar. I remember spending a lot of Christmas Eve’s with my brother, sleeping on the floor in the same bedroom. Of course, before bed we’d watch the cartoon version of ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas‘ and leave out cookies and milk for Santa, but those nights were the best. Staying up late, talking about what we hoped we’d get the next morning, what we’d do with each item, and giggling over how excited we were.


Oh, or when me and my mom went to visit The Barter Theatre in VA. We decided that we’d check out the antique shops betweens shows, and ended up in a bad horror film being surrounded by Tinker Bell.


Oh! A moment with my sister? Last year when the town had pounds of snow dumped on us in a few hours causing the power to go out at out apartment. Sent my nephew to our cousin’s house who had heat and curled up on the couch with my charged laptop to watch the movie ‘Up‘.


The downs, I consider the dough that’s used to make the doughnut. Yes, I noticed, there’s more dough than sugar. Stay with me on this. Throughout my lifetime so far, I’ve seen a lot of downs in my family.

Arguments that left holes in walls, words that hurt worse that a thumb being smashed in a door, and tension so thick it could be cut and fried alongside bacon.

The downs formed us together though. We’ve learned different things about each other after each moment. We’ve grown from all of them, but most of all, have learned to love each other even more.

I hope that during this season, you see the downs in your family history as a blessing. If anything, having those moments made the ‘white sugary stuff‘ even more enjoyable and cherished.


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One response to “The white stuff.

  • anonymous

    Very insightful young lady! I’m not a big doughnut eater, but I can relate to some of your thoughts… Little children speak the most honest words…any loving relationship we enter ( friends, spouses, parents ) take on the risk of choosing to stay through all the good and all the bad. We have freedom of choice. But we carry our wounds that turn to scars, our expectations that aren’t met, our desires that aren’t filled, our silence that sometimes hurts the most…Not thinking b4 we speak, carrying pain so deep we bury it so far, we forget it was even there till it seeps around and ruins relationships….My parents are gone. I never knew what a dysfunctional family was till I heard the term. My healing was in knowing that thru what I perceived as their faults, was that they were once children who smiled and laughed as well. But their pain thru their own experiences …abandonment, wars when a man couldn’t talk about what he saw there or he was considered weak and kicked out of the service becuz there wasn’t an abundance of counselors then, for anyone… I healed becuz I knew thru their faults they did love us, but who is astute enough to know how others should fullfill our desires when they don’t even know what their own are? I guess all I can say is that I love you to the ones who know who they are, to wipe the tears I’ve caused without knowing I did, to learn to not be impulsive with my actions or my words, to live NOW in the moment with love in my heart and to be humble. To know God put me here for a reason, gave me His spirit, my soul for a reason. To be kind in this moment. To let others negativity not create spite in me that I lash to others… To be ever so grateful to God for giving me his beautiful angels, my children and grandchild that I am so proud of…not just for their personal achievements, but for bestowing in them knowledge, wisdom, love, capacity to heal, a shining beacon of light in each… Beautiful smiles, beautiful eyes that show their beautiful soul, their loyalty to friendships they create, and I thank God so much for giving them humor that heals so much as well!! Christmas? To me it’s a reminder what we should every day have, acknowledging the gifts we give and the gifts we receive. For all we ever have is now. The past is gone, the future is never promised. Loving relationships … they are a true rose. With all the thorns, there is exquisite beauty. And that is life. And it’s our choice what we choose to see and how we choose to hold it……. But my lady, you are so wise. I knew it when I first held you in my arms…You are loved so much, by so many! Merry Christmas.

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