Today, I cleaned out my car.

Ok, that’s an understatement. I unpacked about 50 pounds of useless stuff out of my car today, and most of it was of one thing. Trash.

Oh man, the trash I found… ridiculous.

Old fast food bags. Receipts from four months ago. And cards. More specifically, Wal-Mart gas cards.

Do you have those? I say ‘those’ because I found 18. No joke. Eighteen plastic cards, littering my floorboard. And did I throw them away? No. I put them in a shoebox and stuck them on my bed. Why? The possibility of money on them is still there. I plan on sitting with my laptop after this weekend and going through them online to see any dollar amount that might be left. Mom used to say ‘save your pennies’ and here I am, saving cards.

We all save our cards though. Not just gift cards, but old cards of our past. Memories.

Memories that are beautiful. Ones that make our hearts smile and reflect on how things ‘once were’. Almost like finding an old gift card with cash still on it.

Then the sad ones, the ones that hurt our hearts to remember. Bad friendships. A lie you let go too far. A mistake that you regret every moment it comes to mind. A secret that destroyed your witness. The gift card found that had nothing on it.

Those cards take up so much space.

They seem so small, thin little ‘memory’ holders. When piled together though, they become massive. Like a giant, hint hint…

So, as I will be sifting through my card this Monday, sift through yours. They are dead weight really, holding on to what ‘once was’ and the mistakes in our lives. Sift through them and discard them (no pun intended).

By discarding them, I mean, hand them all to God. Let God hold those cards and get rid of them for you. You are in this moment right now.

Looking at the next point in your life.

Looking at the new cards.


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