Hello world!

Yeah, that’s kinda lame to start off with ‘Hello world!’ but, oh well. It’s my blog.

So, why start my own blog? Good question.

I have many thoughts, many ideas, many… things that I would like to share with the world. Ok. Not the WORLD, but to you. My reader. Thoughts on life, ideas on ministry, and many… oddballs. I want to share them.

Why call the site ‘My own buttons’?

Most of you know, I make button necklaces. I love them and I love making them, at least I love them when I have time to dedicate to them. Something I’ve learned through the necklace making process, is that they are all unique.








You get the idea. I love how different they are.

So anyways, I like to see us all as our own unique ‘button’. Our personalities color us, our experiences shape us, our clothes style us, our food thickens us (haha), our past textures us and all of those different things define us.

This site is going to be full of my own buttons. My thoughts. The things that make me (and break me). I’m going to be an open book, which most say I am already one, so this will be easy.

This is a leap, a dare, a risk.

I’ll be open to feedback, good and bad. I’ll be open to your ideas that you’d like me to write about. I’ll be open to… well, we’ll just agree that I’ll be open.

This will be a new part to my daily routine. A post a day. I’ll share my devotions in the morning, and my thoughts in the afternoon.

Oh man, this is exciting for me! Are you excited too?



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